8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (2024)

"My last brain cell is in that claw machine.. Win it for me?"

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (1)

PC and Quest features:

🩷 Fully functional claw machine backpack!

❤️ Custom animated face expressions

🧡 Talking pet follower Bixel

💛 Lots of different colors, skin tones and customization

💚 Eye pokes, boops and headpats

🩵 Chest scale slider

💜 FBT ready, with Gogo Loco setup

🩷 Phys bones and colliders in all the right places

PC only features:

🩷 Audiolink emissions everywhere!

❤️ Light-up shoes

🧡 Green optimized version included

💛 DPS/SPS compatible

💚 Invisibility toggle

🩵 Realistic flip flops

Claw Machine:

To start the claw machine, grab a coin from the hanging chain under the machine, and touch it to the coin slot. You'll know it's working when it flashes and starts playing music!

Once active, control the claw with the joystick and drop it with the button. 8 random prizes are available! Which one will you get?

The claw machine is quest compatible, so all your friends can play along too! Though please note that the system runs locally, so you and the person playing need to be on the same platform for it to work as intended.

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (2)

Slippers and shoes:

8-Kit's flip flops really flip and flop! Her shoes also light up when you stomp, walk and kick - give it a try!

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (3)

Pixel Pet:

8-Kit has a virtual pet, that lives in the screens of her gaming devices. Every so often the pet will go for a little stroll around the screen on her claw machine backpack!

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (4)

Bixel the robot cat:

Bixel is 8-Kit's flying friend, who follows her everywhere. With the push of a button, you can talk through her - she has her own emotes and visemes, and your voice will actually come from her location!

Bixel can be grabbed and moved around; just grab and pose her like you would with a phys bone. She's also fully compatible with Quest!

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (5)

Hand animated expressions:

All of 8-Kit's facial expressions are hand animated, for that beautiful jelly V-tuber look!

She has lots of gestures on both hands - and they are all Quest compatible too.

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (6)

Loads of color options:

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (7)

...Yes, even on Quest!

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (8)


8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (9)

Upload size: 14.25 MB

Before purchasing, please ensure that you have:

Unity 2022.3.22f1

VRChat Creator Companion (VCC, VRChat website)

Poiyomi Toon 9.0.57

Additionally, please have basic knowledge of how to upload an avatar to VRChat.

PC upload Instructions:

1. Create a new Unity Avatar project using VCC, and log into the SDK

2. Import Poiyomi Toon 9.0.57

3. Import the 8-Kit PC Avatar Package

4. Open the "OPEN ME" scene in the 8-Kit folder

Ready to upload!

Quest upload instructions:

1. Create a new Unity Avatar project using VCC, and log into the SDK

2. Import the 8-Kit Quest Avatar Package

3. Open the "OPEN ME" scene in the 8-Kit folder

4. Remember to Copy/paste the blueprint ID from your PC upload to this one, for the fallback to sync

Ready to upload!

If you have questions or can't upload yourself, open a ticket in my discord and I'll help out!

By purchasing this product, you agree to the following terms:

You are not allowed to:

★ Distribute the avatar or parts of the avatar and assets to others

★ Publish the avatar as a public model on VRChat

★ Claim the avatar or assets as your own

★ Price split the avatar package

★ Upload the avatar to more than one individuals vrchat account

★ Re-sell the avatar or its parts in its original or edited state

★ Rip parts of the model for use on other projects

You are allowed to:

★ Use the avatar for streaming or creating content, provided credit for the model is given

★ Make edits of the avatar for personal use

You understand and agree that:

★ Due to the nature of digital files, refunds are not provided.

★ The stats shown in the graphics above may change slightly as the avatar is updated.

★ Parts of the model may not function as intended at extreme scale settings.

★ You must be 18 years or older to purchase this avatar


Thank you to the incredibly talented Biocall, Premoo, and LtCosmos for helping me capture the very best sides of my avatar! I couldn't have done this without you <3

Thank you to Vee for the amazing artwork!

All assets used on this avatar have been edited by me, but the original assets can be found here:

Hair - Nessy|Head - StarLynn| Base - zinpia | Top - GM |Jacket and skirt - Cringy|Gamer Set - Rinebean|Headphones - MyDudeGideon|Emote addon - gm555|Prizes and accessories - CreationsOfMegan|Bikini - Sleepy|Kitty plushies - NovaPie|Gloves - Rinebean|Tail - JinxieWinks|Gogo Loco - Franada|Collar - JinxieWinks|MeowBot - Cozu|Ears - Nightvixen|Eyes - Mowsterowo|Footprints - Robocaps|Short hair - Nessy|Tattoos - smol_uni|Shorts - Saphi|Icons - Nekofilka|Hood - Evangeline| Shaker - BunnyBear|Shoes - MoosMarket| Claw machine, slippers, tattoos, pixel art, socks - Lil Miss Pasta

8-Kit - PC, OPTI and QUEST (2024)


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