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Credit Card FAQs

  • What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card is a payment tool that allows you to make purchases and pay for them later. It comes with a predetermined credit limit that you can use to make online or in-store purchases. You will receive a monthly statement detailing your spends, and you can choose to pay the full balance or a portion of it, with interest applied to the remaining balance if not paid in full.

  • What purpose does a Credit Card serve?

A Credit Card serves as a financial tool that lets you make purchases on credit, allowing you to settle the payment at a later date. This way, you can obtain products and services instantly without the need to defer expenses due to a shortage of cash or limited funds in your Bank Account.

  • How does a Credit Card Work?

When you use a Credit Card for a transaction, the bank pays the merchants or retailers on your behalf. After that, you have to repay the amount to the bank. Each month, you receive a statement detailing your charges, and you have the option to pay the full balance or a minimum payment on or before the Credit Card due date.

  • How to apply for a Credit Card?

Here is how you can apply for a new HDFC Bank Credit:

  1. Apply for a Credit Card online through HDFC Bank's website by following these steps:
  • Visit the Credit Card page on our website.
  • Check your eligibility through our online eligibility calculator.
  • Get right recommendation of HDFC Bank Credit Card for you.
  • Provide your address and employment details for review.
  • Authorise the application using Net Banking or your Debit Card.

We will review your application internally. Upon successful approval, we will issue you a new Credit Card.

2. Visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch:

  • Apply for a Credit Card using a physical form.
  • Provide the necessary details and get your Credit Card delivered to your doorsteps.
  • How to check the eligibility for an HDFC Bank Credit Card?

You can easily check your eligibility by visiting the HDFC Bank Credit Card page on the website. Enter your Mobile Number and Date of Birth, and we will let you know if you are eligible to get an HDFC Bank Credit Card.

  • What are the documents required while applying for a Credit Card?

Documents Required For Existing HDFC Bank Customers:

a. As an existing HDFC Bank customer, your latest mailing address is already updated in our records. Therefore, there is no requirement for additional address documents when applying for an HDFC Bank Credit Card. However, we do require your income documents. If address proof is necessary, we will notify you accordingly. Acceptable income proof documents include your salary slip or income tax return for the last three years.

b. Should you need to update your latest mailing address, you must provide your recent address proof and income proof.
-Acceptable address proof documents: Aadhaar card, valid Passport, Voter ID or valid Driver’s License
-Acceptable income proof documents: Salary slip or income tax return for the past three years.

Documents Required For New HDFC Bank Customers:
For new customers, we require your address, income, and identity proof, as outlined in the application process.

  • I have a Credit Card. Can I apply for another one?

You can easily apply for an HDFC Bank Credit Card despite already having a Credit Card, provided the existing Credit Card is from another card-issuer or card-issuing bank. Also, other prerequisites include a good credit score, adequate monthly income and stable employment. Note that if you already have an HDFC Bank Credit Card, we cannot issue another HDFC Bank Credit Card.

  • How can I track and control my Credit Card spending?

Visit the HDFC Bank MyCards portal to effortlessly monitor and manage your Credit Card expenses.

  • How can I track and control my Credit Card spends​​​​​​​?

You can monitor and control your Credit Card spends through HDFC Bank’s MyCards, NetBanking, Mobile Banking and PayZapp. Under Credit Card settings, you can set transaction limits on various spends categories. Additionally, you can enable or disable international or contactless payments. You can also enable/disable or set limits on cash advances.

  • Do I have to pay Credit Card bills if I don't use my Card?

Your Credit Card may come with certain payable charges irrespective of whether you use your Card or not. For instance, the card issuer typically levies an annual/renewal fee every year. However, if you meet certain conditions, the card issuer may waive these charges. In the case of HDFC Bank Credit Cards, you can check the conditions here.

  • In what ways can I utilise my Credit Card reward points?

Once you have accumulated adequate reward points, you can redeem them for a multitude of products and services. As an HDFC Bank Credit Cardholder, you can use the NetBanking platform to redeem these products and services through the rewards catalogue. You can obtain gift vouchers, flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

  • What are the rules associated with interest payments on purchases made using a Credit Card​​​​​​​?

You don't have to pay interest on all Credit Card purchases. However, if you do not repay the total outstanding amount on or before the specified due date, the unpaid dues, along with any additional transactions, will begin to attract interest till the balance amount is repaid in full. Also, interest will be applicable on Credit Card cash withdrawals. In this case, interest will apply from the instance you withdraw the cash until the withdrawal amount is repaid in full.

  • What does a late payment fee on Credit Cards mean​​​​​​​?

When a Credit Card bill is generated, you must pay either the entire bill amount or the minimum amount due on or before the specified due date. If you fail to do so, the card issuer will levy a late payment fee conveyed to you in the Fees & Charges section of your Credit Card agreement.

Credit Card - Apply for Credit Cards Online in India | HDFC Bank (2024)


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