Mandy Rose Clarifies Details About Her WWE Release, Comments On Not Having Title Reign Recognized (2024)

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Recently, the NXT Women’s title picture has been garnering a lot of attention. At NXT Stand & Deliver Roxanne Perez managed to win the championship for the second time in her career. Before her there have been many stars who have had good runs with the championship. One such person is Mandy Rose.

Recently, there have been multiple promos where the previous champions had been mentioned. But one name that has not been mentioned is Mandy Rose. Her 413-day reign seems to have been omitted by WWE following the controversial departure of Rose.

Recently, on the Power Alphas podcast, the former WWE Superstar shared her thoughts on her name being omitted from the list of past champions.

“I wasn’t mentioned and a few other women that aren’t in the company anymore. But me especially because of my 413 [day] Championship Reign. And I was definitely one of the third-longest champions to hold that NXT Women’s Title. So, I did see a lot of comments. I wasn’t really going to respond. Because I know how that would happen. If I respond it starts to get crazy. But I did respond to one comment. All I said was, ‘Yeah. It’s disappointing. But not really surprised.’ Or, ‘Not really, not surprising.’”

Very disappointing, but not surprised …

— Mandy (@mandysacs) April 17, 2024

Mandy Rose finds it funny that people think they know the true story of why she was released from the company

Mandy Rose also gave some more details on her WWE release as fans made up their own stories.

“And some people kind of went off on that and had their opinions and whatnot. I just find it really funny how so many people think they know the exact story of how it went down. And granted maybe, my story isn’t totally out there with the specifics. So maybe it does get confusing. But the amount of people that will comment back and be like, ‘Oh well. It’s your fault. You quit.’ And like all these crazy scenarios and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you had a warning and you should have taken it down and you didn’t. And you had it up,’ and all these things and I’m like…

“So just to clarify some things — not that I really care, but for those of you wondering, yes I got a warning. It was the day before I got released. And I got my title stripped from me. So that was one warning. And I did take my site down that day and the rest still happened and all that.

Why did Mandy Rose make that comment?

“And also I wrote that comment because I thought it was disappointing just because of all the hard work and the fact that… I don’t know… Why can’t someone still be recognized even if they’re not in the company? I know Saraya wasn’t recognized. And Mercedes Moné wasn’t recognized. And they’re in AEW so I kind of get that conflict of interest in a way. But I’m not in a wrestling federation right now. It’s like…

“So just… I don’t know, I just feel there’s a little bit of… But then, I also see the side of well, why they don’t want to talk about people that aren’t, why give me notoriety. Or why give people to go look me up or go check me out on their… Why would they want to do that too? So I understand that side, so I get it, so I feel like there’s mixed feelings. But I do find it funny with all the different scenarios on Twitter. And people ranting about this situation and how they think it went down.”

Mandy Rose finds it hypocritical that WWE doesn’t recognize her but are still making money by selling her merchandise

Mandy Rose was not happy with the fact that her name will not be mentioned on television but WWE still is making money of Mandy Rose’s merchandise and action figures.

“Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that sense. And I also just think it’s kind of funny and hypocritical where you can’t get recognized on TV. Let’s say, including my name in that long list of Superstars. But yet you can still sell my merch and action figures for the rest of my life. That part really gets me a little bit. In a sense like, ‘You’re going to be able to sell my stuff for the rest of my life. But yet you can’t even showcase or say my name?’” Mandy Rose said.

Do you think WWE should recognize Mandy Rose’s historical 413-day title reign?

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Mandy Rose Clarifies Details About Her WWE Release, Comments On Not Having Title Reign Recognized (2024)


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