Mbappe criticised, England's ref questioned, Southgate told to 'shut up' (2024)

Mbappe criticised, England's ref questioned, Southgate told to 'shut up' (1)

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The first Euro 2024 finalist is set with Spain booking their place in Sunday's showpiece.

They beat France 2-1 on Tuesday night in a thrilling clash at the Allianz Arena.

England take on the Netherlands in Dortmund on Wednesday night, looking to make a second-consecutive final.

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Euro 2024 Semi-finals

  • Spain 2-1 France
  • England vs Netherlands - live on talkSPORT
  • 9th Jul 2024, 22:44By Josh Fordham

    Shaw thing

    Luke Shaw insists the England team have no qualms about Felix Zwayer refereeing their semi-final.

    Zwayer was given a six-month ban by his country's football federation in 2006, having worked as an assistant referee alongside Robert Hoyzer.

    The German referee was one of the officials who brought Hoyzer's match-fixing plot to light, with the relatively short duration of Zwayer's ban a recognition of that contribution. Hoyzer was banned for life.

    Later, England midfielder Jude Bellingham was fined by the German federation after he referenced Zwayer's involvement in that scandal following a defeat for his old club Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich in 2021.

    "No, not at all. We have to respect UEFA in whoever they decide to pick as the ref. That won't change anything about us," the Manchester United full-back said.

    "We still just focus on the game in hand, not too much about what refs we've been given or this and that. For us, it won't make any difference."

    Asked if he had ever played in a game where he felt the referee was against his team, Shaw replied: "No, not really. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you get angry in games and you might think that, but no."


  • 9th Jul 2024, 21:56By Josh Fordham

    Spain await

    Spain have officially booked their place in the Euro 2024 final.

    They came from a goal down to beat France 2-1 at the Allianz Arena.

    England and the Netherlands know the Spaniards will await for the winner of the second semi-final on Wednesday.

    Follow all the reaction here:


  • 9th Jul 2024, 21:13By Josh Fordham

    History boys

    Gareth Southgate says England are ready to make history by reaching a first final on foreign soil, having been inhibited earlier in the Euros by expectations and louder external noise than ever before.

    After topping their group in unconvincing fashion, the Euro 2020 runners-up needed a stunning Jude Bellingham strike to save their blushes against Slovakia before beating Switzerland on penalties.

    England are now preparing for a third semi-final in four major tournaments, with Ronald Koeman's Netherlands standing between them and a second successive European Championship final.

    Southgate has been criticised for his team's style despite getting this far and the manager revealed the negative mood around the team impacted the players during the group stage.

    "There's been a definite shift," the England boss said on the eve of the Signal Iduna Park showdown.

    "I was really interested (because) as a coach sometimes you take a step back and you observe.

    "One of the strengths of us over the last seven, eight years has been less fear, less inhibition.

    "But I think at the beginning of the tournament, the expectation weighed quite heavily and of course the external noise was louder than it's ever been.

    "I felt we couldn't quite get ourselves in the right place and, in the end, what was impressive was that the players ground it out, they ground results out and found ways to win.

    "I felt that shifted once we got into the knockout stage and definitely in the quarter-final. I thought we saw a better version of us with the ball, freer.

    "I'm not sure any of the messaging changed, but I just felt the group changed.

    "You're now into that moment in the tournament where it's what's possible, what's achievable, rather than what might go wrong.

    "This is now the chance to make history, which we've enjoyed doing.

    "A chance to get to a first final not held in England - first time England will have ever done that.


  • 9th Jul 2024, 20:40By Josh Fordham

    Kane vs Van Djik

    Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk will go head to head in the Euro 2024 semi-final on Wednesday.

    The pair know each other pretty well from their many games up against each other in the Premier League.

    Speaking ahead of the game, Kane said: “We’ve had some really good battles over the years from when he was at Southampton and Liverpool.

    "Sometimes he’s won the battle, sometimes I’ve won it… I enjoy playing against the best players in the world, that’s why you want to play football.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 19:56By Josh Fordham

    England team changes

    England are expected to make at least one change for the Euro 2024 semi-final with the Netherlands.

    Marc Guehi is likely to come in for Ezri Konsa, while it is touch and go for Luke Shaw.

    talkSPORT’s chief football correspondent Alex Crook said: “I think Marc Guehi will come back in for Ezri Konsa. That’s the one change I expect England to make.

    “That maybe is a bit harsh on Konsa because he played well in the quarter-final. But before that Marc Guehi had probably been England’s best player.

    “Gareth Southgate will put his faith in the Crystal Palace man.

    “Luke Shaw is an interesting one. Gareth Southgate has been speaking at his press conference and he said we couldn’t get Luke Shaw involved before the last game. The decision we have to make now is whether he is fit enough to start and how many minutes we can give him.

    “He was sowing the seed for Luke Shaw to come in for Kieran Trippier. It’s a gamble, he’s a player who has not played since February."


  • 9th Jul 2024, 19:15By Josh Fordham

    Team news

    The team news for Spain vs France is officially in ahead of the first semi-final.

    That kicks-off at 8pm.

    You can follow along with all the action in our live blog for the match.


  • 9th Jul 2024, 18:46By Josh Fordham

    Morale boost

    Gareth Southgate insists his England squad have felt freer since reaching the knockout stages.

    He said: "There’s been a definite shift. As a coach you sometimes take a step back and observe and the striking thing about us over the last seven, eight years has been less fear, less inhibition.

    “But I think at the beginning of the tournament the weight of expectation was quite heavy and the external noise was louder than it’s ever been.

    “I felt we couldn’t get ourselves in the right place and in the end what was impressive is the players ground it out, and found ways to win.

    “I felt that shifted once we got into the knockout stage and quarter-finals. You saw a better version of us with the ball, freer. I’m not sure the messaging changed, but the group has changed.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 18:07By Josh Fordham

    Flying Dutchman

    Gareth Southgate does not believe the Netherlands will be affected by their travel disruption.

    The Dutch will be late getting into Dortmund after having their train cancelled. Instead, they will have to fly later this evening.

    "I don't see any impact on the game," The England boss said.

    "The game is not until 9pm tomorrow. I'm sure they will get dinner when they arrive (tonight)."


  • 9th Jul 2024, 17:58By Josh Fordham

    Referee concerns

    Gareth Southgate insisted there were no concerns about Felix Zwayer refereeing England's semi-final against the Netherlands.

    Zwayer has previously been banned for match-fixing and Jude Bellingham has had a high-profile run in with him back in 2021 while he was at Borussia Dortmund,

    When asked if he had any concerns, he said: "No. Everyone knows how I deal with referees, with complete respect.

    “I know how Roberto Rosetti and Bjorn Kuipers have been running the referees’ programme. I think they appreciate the respect we’ve shown to them as a team over eight years.

    “There’s a right way to conduct yourselves towards the officials, I think that’s very important for the game.

    “I’m not concerned about who the referee is. He will be at a very high standard, that’s the way UEFA makes decisions and the way that they monitor games during a tournament.

    “So, for me, it’s not even a consideration.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 17:54By Josh Fordham

    Shaw decision

    Gareth Southgate was giving nothing away about whether Luke Shaw will start.

    The Man United defender came on in the closing stages of England's quarter-final win over Switzerland after being out for four months.

    Southgate said: “Luke has been injured for four months, so it wasn’t a possibility for him to play until the last match.

    “He made a good contribution to the match. That’s the decision we have to make, whether he starts or which way to use him.

    “We’re very happy to have him back. He obviously gives balance to our team. Kieran [Trippier] has done a fantastic job.

    “He’s played in so many important nights for us. We’ve had a lot of big nights over the last seven or eight years and he’s been so important on those occasions and around the squad how he is with the players and rest of the staff.

    “We’re very fortunate to have players like him in the squad.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 17:15By Josh Fordham


    The Netherlands' preparations for their Euro 2024 semi-final with England have taken a blow.

    The Dutch have been forced to cancel their press conference this evening at 7:45pm due to issues with their travel plans.

    They were planning to catch the train from Wolfsburg to Dortmund, but a blockage on the line meant that was cancelled.

    Instead they will fly and will not take off until 8:20pm, meaning the news conference has been shelved.


  • 9th Jul 2024, 16:45By Uma Gurav

    'Watch something else'

    Have you found France a little dull to watch so far at Euro 2024?

    Well, if so, Didier Deschamps has the solution for you - stop watching them!

    France have struggled to fully justify their ‘favourites’ tag at the tournament so far, having not yet scored from open play.

    They will now face perhaps their toughest test yet as they go up against Spain tonight at 8pm for a place in the final, live on talkSPORT.

    But when Les Bleus boss Deschamps was asked by a Swedish reporter what he thought of all the criticism directed towards his team, he made it clear that he was not letting it bother him.

    “If you're bored, watch something else!” he jokingly replied in a press conference. “You don't have to watch us.

    "It's a special Euros, where it has been very difficult for everyone. The number of goals is much lower than it has been in the past.

    "We have the ability to share emotions, to make the French people happy with the results we have been able to achieve, in a complicated period in France.

    "If the Swedes are bored, it doesn't matter too much to me."


  • 9th Jul 2024, 16:16By Uma Gurav

    Foul play?

    Simon Jordan has weighed in on the discussion over Felix Zwayer, the referee for England’s semifinal against the Netherlands tomorrow night.

    Back in 2005, Zwayer received a six-month football ban for match-fixing following an investigation into a £250 bribe.

    And the controversy arises given that Jude Bellingham was fined back in 2021 after he negatively referred to Zwayer’s controversial history after a Borussia Dortmund match.

    But talkSPORT’s Jordan has defended the decision to appoint Zwayer for the match, arguing that if all the proper channels were taken when allocating him the game, there can be no cause for complaint now.

    “Do we know at what point a referee is told that he'll get a certain game, the semi-final or the final?” he said. “Because I don't think it's something that happens instantaneously. Isn't it already pre-planned and pre-ordained? So wouldn't it find the light of day that he was awarded the semi-final by a quirk of circ*mstance and fate? It happens to be England, which includes Jude Bellingham.”

    He added: “Now they'll say if you've cheated once, you'll cheat again. If you've been corrupt once, you'll be corrupt again. And we've now got a situation where they could have potentially said a referee that was appointed to the game, which is now proven to be England, has been taken out of that game through no fault of his own, no lack of merit.

    “He was awarded the game on the basis of merit and because of the controversy that happened with him 20 years ago, and because of a player's, by the way, inappropriate observation. It's not right for Jude Bellingham at 18 years of age to be saying what he said about a referee. Jude was barely born when he transgressed the way he did.

    “We do live in a rehabilitative society. Referees do make mistakes. In this instance, it was a corrupt mistake and he's been consequenced for it. And clearly, the authorities that have allowed him to referee domestic football and international football have been very visibly scrutinizing, I would imagine, his performances.

    “So what do they do? They award him a semi-final and because it's England and because a player said something about something that he knows nothing about that happened 20 years before or years before he was born, he gets taken out of the game.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 15:59By Uma Gurav

    Netherlands, Eur-On!

    England's players have been pictured leaving their base at the Spa & Golf Weimarer Land in Blankenhain.

    They are now heading over to Dortmund ahead of that crucial semifinal clash against the Netherlands tomorrow night at 8pm, live on talkSPORT.

    Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham and Eberechi Eze have all been snapped with coffee cups in hand as they leave the facility and prepare to make their way to the site of the action.

    Ivan Toney's been pictured too - he seems like he might be getting ready to pop a bit of Vaseline on.

    He's not looking at it, of course.


  • 9th Jul 2024, 15:34By Uma Gurav

    Speak of the Red Devil

    A nice little mystery to get you thinking on a Tuesday afternoon: what could Erik ten Hag have said to Luke Shaw ahead of England’s semi-final?

    Shaw revealed that the Dutch manager had sent him a ‘cheeky’ text before the game.

    The England defender is fit and ready to go ahead of the match tomorrow night, having also come on in the Three Lions’ quarter-final victory over Switzerland on Saturday.

    Ten Hag’s home side, the Netherlands, did well to come back against Turkey in their quarter-final.

    But it seems the Red Devils' boss will not be divulging any tips on how to face Ronald Koeman’s side.

    When asked in a press conference ahead of the semifinal if his Man United manager had given him any advice to face his home country, Shaw remained coy about the specifics.

    “No, he didn't, but he sent me a little cheeky message about the game, so it was funny,” he said.

    And what was in this cryptic message?

    “I'm not saying,” laughed Shaw, when asked that very question.

    Wonder what Ten Hag could possibly have said…


  • 9th Jul 2024, 14:59By Uma Gurav

    A Spainful defeat?

    Stuart Pearce has had his say ahead of Spain and France’s huge semifinal clash tonight at 8pm, live on talkSPORT.

    And if he is right, we could be seeing an old rivalry revived in the Euro 2024 final.

    England would face the winner of this fixture should they defeat the Netherlands tomorrow night in their own semifinal.

    And Pearce thinks that it is Didier Deschamps’ France side who are going to emerge victorious tonight.

    He explained: “I've been really impressed with the Spanish. I'm not sure that the game against Germany has taken too much out of them physically, and obviously with the suspensions as well, I'm erring towards the French, and I don't really want to be saying that.

    “I think they probably got the best five in the tournament, defensively, goalkeeper and back four. I think I've been really impressed with them. Not firing up front, but I've just got a feeling the French are edgy tonight.

    But when asked who he would rather see in the showpiece final in Berlin on Sunday, it was not les Bleus on Pearce’s mind.

    “As a spectacle, I'd rather play Spain,” he admitted. “I'd rather see Spain in the final, because my element of fair play in me suggests that the Spanish have arguably been the best team from the start to finish so far. I'd rather them get to the final.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 14:27By Uma Gurav

    Not all fun and games

    Carlton Palmer has defended England’s Euro 2024 campaign, explaining that the football industry is now such that the Three Lions have had little scope to play the way some fans might have liked them to.

    The former England midfielder reflected on how the game has changed since his own playing days, describing how the focus has switched from entertainment to results - something which has naturally affected the quality of playing.

    He told talkSPORT that England had so far got the results they needed - and that it was consequently hard to justify such strident criticism of the team.

    “Back in the day, right, when we went out to play, the manager wanted us to entertain,” he said. “Now managers go in there now and they'll look at the opposition, look at what they're not good at, where can we break them down, where can we get an advantage?

    “Whereas back in the day, we'd say, right, look, we'll play our best side, see how it is, go and attack the team and play the way we want to do and entertain. Now we're in the business now where it's just a result-based industry.

    “So to say, you know, OK, let's open it up and play free-flowing football, yes, I'd love to see that. Everybody would like to see that.”

    He explained: “All I’m saying about England is, whilst they haven’t set the world alight - and I’m one of these, I like to see entertaining football - but I think that the criticism is a little bit unfair at the moment because the aim of this is to win the Euros. And right now, they’re still in the mix to win the Euros.

    “So if they go on to win the Euros and they haven’t played well, what are we going to say then? We have to applaud them.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 13:51By Uma Gurav

    Dutch courage

    England legend Stuart Pearce believes the Netherlands have good reason to be confident about their chances heading into their semi-final match tomorrow night.

    The Dutch face England for a place in the final tomorrow night at 8pm, live on talkSPORT.

    Despite some unconvincing performances from the Netherlands early on in the tournament, they were impressive in their 3-0 round of 16 win against Romania and came from behind to secure a 2-1 win over Turkey in their quarter-final.

    Pearce told talkSPORT where their most potent threat on the pitch lay.

    “They’ve got Gakpo, who is joint top goalscorer in the tournament, so that's got to be respected,” he said. “We know what he can do obviously from his time at Liverpool, but he's the one scoring the goals at the moment.

    “Weghorst coming off the bench is a real impact substitute. Different dynamic as well. So there's talk of whether he'll start or whether he won't start, but the one thing you do know, he'll come off the bench and have some form of impact I'm sure.

    “But listen, I think they're a decent threat. I looked at their back line before the tournament started in Ake and Van de Ven and De Vrij and Van Dijk. It's an outstanding back line. I think they've got a good squad of players.

    “There's two teams here that are incredibly evenly matched. Two teams that probably haven't played as well as the sum of the parts at the moment. Both teams will be expecting a better performance I think.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 13:13By Uma Gurav

    Got to be in it to win it

    Ex-Dutch international Mario Melchiot has told talkSPORT that, ironically, it is the teams who are still in with a shot of winning Euro 2024 who are facing the most flak.

    His former side the Netherlands take on England tomorrow night at 8pm, live on talkSPORT, for a place in the final.

    Former Chelsea and Ajax defender Melchiot discussed how his side had also faced some negative comments from home audiences, despite having ultimately made it to this point in the competition.

    They came from behind to defeat Turkey 2-1 in their quarter-final clash, having also not shown themselves at their best in the early stages of the tournament.

    But Melchiot believes there are parallels between the criticism towards the semi-finalists, which tends to overlook the scale of their achievements so far.

    “We score a lot of goals, but I still think we are the underdog, right?” he explained. “Because of the situation we're in, you know, the English were always up as one of the favourites when we got into this tournament. It doesn't matter how you guys perform, but it is like, it almost looks like the countries that are criticised the most are the ones who are still in the tournament.

    “And England is one of them, and Holland is also one of them - because I'm not talking about being criticised by different countries.

    “I'm talking about Holland being criticised by Holland itself, and England by the people in England. But they both are still in the tournament and now at the crossroads.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 12:25By Uma Gurav

    ‘Undeserved redemption’

    Talk about a backhanded compliment.

    Simon Jordan has predicted an England win at Euro 2024 as he explained how he sees the rest of the tournament unfolding.

    Despite levelling criticism at Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate for his ‘mediocre’ achievements so far, Jordan told talkSPORT he is forecasting silverware for England.

    “I choose my words - but I'm not really going to,” he said. “I think there's an undeserved redemption waiting here. I think the story is written out that the Spanish will get done by the French.

    “I thought it would be an England-Spain final. (But) I think that the French will have the nous and the wherewithal and the cynicism to be able to overcome the naivety, albeit the brilliantly-infused Rodri naivety that Spain have. And it'll be an England-France final.

    “And Southgate will get redemption for the 2022 World Cup. That's what I think. That's how I think it's written in the stars.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 11:54By Uma Gurav

    We are Des-Champs, my friend

    France have been the subject of quite a lot of criticism at Euro 2024 - but Didier Deschamps does not care.

    That is what French football expert Erik Bieldermann has told talkSPORT as he explained why the boss of Les Bleus would not be fazed by any sort of background noise.

    France have failed to score from open play at the tournament so far, but defeated Portugal on penalties in their last fixture to set up a semi-final against Spain tonight.

    And Bieldermann explained why France manager Deschamps was likely feeling confident about his chances ahead of the match.

    “I don't think Didier Deschamps is really a man who is struggling with pressure,” he said. “He has achieved everywhere as a player. In Marseille, with Bernard Tapie as a chairman. If you survive in Marseille and under Bernard Tapie in the ‘90s, you survive everything.

    “And then with France he won everything as a player. He was the captain of France. He was the boss of the French team as a player. And now he is the boss of the French team as a manager.

    “I don't think this man is about doubt. He is not caring about opinions or what the press says or what the fans say. As long as his dressing room is working alongside him - that's the point.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 11:24By Uma Gurav

    'Shut up and get on with it'

    Simon Jordan had some strong words indeed for England boss Gareth Southgate.

    England's Euro 2024 quarter-final victory over Switzerland was Southgate's 100th match in charge.

    During his tenure he has led England to one Euro final, the 2018 World Cup semi-final and the 2022 World Cup quarter-final.

    But Jordan told talkSPORT that the England boss will have to put up with widespread criticism until and unless he silences his naysayers by winning Euro 2024.

    He said: "Never since England won the World Cup - and with all due respect to what (Southgate) has achieved - has an England manager been able to manage in a period of such mediocrity on international level with so many mediocre sides and such favourable draws.

    “He's not responsible for the draws. The fact that his team performs well outside tournaments gives them a seeding opportunity which gives them the benefit of draws. So you have to factor everything.

    "If we're going to consider Southgate in the rounds I don't care about criticism. you're talking to a football club owner that spent tens of millions of pounds to be criticised by people. So when you listen to criticism for a guy getting paid five million pounds a year I have scant sympathy for it."

    He added: "The only thing you need to know is: are you doing a good job? Is your team performing and do your players respond and respect you?”

    “And if the answer to that is yes, you've spent your time making sure you have a very clandestine environment and a very galvanised one as well, why don't you shut up and get on with it? Because the expectations of an England manager are very very high and so they should be.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 10:59By Uma Gurav

    A Wales of a time

    Wales, who agonisingly missed out on Euro 2024 qualification, have confirmed the appointment of Craig Bellamy as their new manager - and he cannot wait to get started.

    He has signed a four-year deal, leaving behind his post on the coaching team at Burnley.

    Though he admitted the decision to leave the Clarets was hard, he said 'the chance to be the manager, of Wales, my country, has always been a dream that has never left me and a chance I just couldn’t turn down'.

    Bellamy made 78 appearances for Wales as player, scoring 19 international goals in that time.

    The ex-Liverpool, West Ham and Man City player will take over after gormer manager Rob Page was sacked back in June after coming under increasing criticism for his failure to qualify for Euro 2024.

    Wales made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 and the round of 16 at Euro 2020, but missed out on Euro 2024 qualification after their lost their play-off final against Poland on penalties back in March.

    Reflecting on the appointment, Bellamy said: “It’s an incredible honour for me to be given the opportunity to lead my country and it’s the proudest moment of my career. It was always my ultimate dream to become the Cymru Head Coach and I am ready for the challenge.

    “I will give my full commitment to develop this team and I am passionate to bring continued success into Welsh football. I can’t wait to get started with our Nations League games in September.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 10:34By Uma Gurav

    Stop Lion to us

    Gabby Agbonlahor has called on the Three Lions to show a little more honesty in their media interviews.

    Despite some extremely nervy performances from England at Euro 2024 so far, the squad have remained largely positive about their campaign.

    A number of players have come under fire for not matching the level of play they have shown at their clubs, including Man City’s Phil Foden and Bayern Munich striker Harry Kane.

    Foden previously told talkSPORT that while he accepts the performances could have been better, the focus remains on trying to block out the negativity from outside.

    However, Agbonlahor insisted a bit more transparency would not hurt the side.

    He said on talkSPORT Breakfast: “If I was in that England squad, I would just be coming out in interviews and saying, yes, I agree, we should be playing better, but we're getting through, performances hopefully will come, we're working on the training pitch to improve. Do you know what I mean?

    “Say the right things, play the game. Some players have come out and they've had a little bite back at the fans - you can't do that. You have to just come out with the right answers of, you know, we're not performing, I get it. And they'll all know, Phil Foden will know, he can do better than what he's done.

    “But you know what? It's tournament football, I can understand sometimes you're not going to play at your best, but just being honest - and everyone can relate to that. If players come out and say, you know what, we're not playing our best, we're trying our hardest though, then no one's going to really criticise that much.

    “It's when you try and act like we can't see the problems that are in this England squad.”


  • 9th Jul 2024, 10:12By Uma Gurav

    Kylian me softly

    Emmanuel Petit has told talkSPORT that Kylian Mbappe has been seriously disappointing French audiences with his Euro 2024 performances so far.

    The striker has scored just once from the penalty spot this tournament, with his country still not having actually scored at all from open play as they head into their semifinal clash against Spain tonight.

    The Real Madrid forward was subbed off before France's penalty shootout win over Portugal after another subpar performance.

    Mbappe did fracture his nose during France's win over Austria, but whether it is the protective mask or a deeper issue that has hampered his usual quality remains unclear.

    And Euro 2000 winner Petit admitted that whatever the cause, Mbappe had not showed up so far.

    He told talkSPORT: “Kylian Mbappe is not playing on his real qualities, which means, you know, the speed, trying to play one against one, taking the depth behind the defense, things like this. Just the way Dembélé or even Barcola are trying to do every time they get the ball. He always wants to receive the ball in his feet, not asking for the ball in the space. He never tries to speak with his feet.

    “So I think he needs to come back the way he used to play a couple of years ago. But he seems to be really tired in his mind and physically as well. To be honest with you, it's been a big disappointment for every one of us to watch Kylian Mbappe because before the European tournament, the fact he signed for Madrid, we were very happy because we thought all of a sudden he would be free in his mind to play as a captain.

    “But even as a captain and as a player, I think he's very far away from what we expect from him.”



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