The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (2024)

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Do you have a need for speed? Check out the fastest hoverboards in the world to find your perfect match.

If you are like most adults of a certain age, you have been wishing for a hoverboard ever since Marty McFly jumped on his futuristic model skateboard in the 1989 classic Back to the Future Part II. Not only was this futuristic board featuring amazing technology that allowed McFly to ‘hover’ above ground, it was also fast. Which was especially important for him to be able to escape for the inevitable ‘bad guys’.

While McFly was able to jump into this technology in the fictitious 2015, today’s hoverboards have been available to the public since 2013. While there have been some bumps in the road concerning design and safety, today’s boards are safer, more durable and faster than ever.

When it comes to hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters as they are also known, users can feel the difference even in models that are even one mile per hour faster. So when it comes to finding the fastest model on the market today, even half a mile faster can make all the difference.

Of course, owning a fast hoverboard is a fun idea, but it isn’t the only important feature. Along with speed, we also considered safety ratings, weight capacity, and special features. In addition, it is important to consider the experience of the rider and the terrain the hoverboard will be taken on. Speed doesn’t matter much if your hoverboard can’t go offroading or if the speed makes it difficult to master how to control your new board.

With all these features in mind we would like to present our official fastest hoverboard reviews for 2020.

1. RobotTurbo Hoverboard

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (1)
TOP SpeedProsCons
15 MPHQuick battery charge, different modes for beginners and expertsHard to find, no longer being manufactured

The RobotTurbo Hoverboard comes in at the number one spot with a maximum speed of 15 mph. While the RobotTurbo isn’t new to the game, it is a great option if you are able to find it. Sadly, the company stopped producing these boards due to sales.

This classic hoverboard came out in 2017 but still holds up against today’s models. In fact, when it comes to many areas, including speed, it actually outperforms them.

While the RobotTurbo Hoverboard maxes out at 15 mph (most of the others on our list can’t go above 12 mph) it isn’t just a board for experts. The RobotTurbo actually has different modes for beginners and experts which makes it a great board to learn on that you won’t soon outgrow.

The unit is able to charge in less than an hour and still run for about 13 miles on a single charge. It performs well on smooth surfaces and with a maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs it is fun for the whole family.

2. FutureSaw Pro

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (2)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12.5 MPHFastest hoverboard on the market, can hold up to 300 lbsNot designed for off-roading or water resistant.

The FutureSaw Pro Edition hoverboard is our top pick for the fastest hoverboard available in 2020. While the FutureSaw Pro’s speed can’t match that of the RobotTurbo topping out at 12.5 MPH, it is still the fastest hoverboard currently on the market.

While many other hoverboards can reach 12 MPH, the FutureSaw Pro Edition just edged out the competition by .5 of a mile. Perhaps this is due to its dual 350 watt motor and strong Samsung or LG ion battery. The battery takes between 60 and 90 minutes to charge with an ability to travel about 12 miles on a full battery.

The FutureSaw Pro also offers an unique design which is a full 8 inches off the ground to keep you moving even over large debris.

With its 8 inch wheels this self-balancing scooter can handle up to a 30 degree incline and riders up to 300 lbs.

While the FutureSaw Pro falls short of the RobotTurbo Hoverboard on a few specs, it far exceeds on the only one that really counts-it is still available for sale.

3. F1 Gyroor

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (3)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12 MPHRacing-style wheels, fast speedExpensive and bulky

The F1 Gyroor comes in at number three. Inspired by Formula 1 cars, you know this hoverboard is going to be fast. Maxing out at 12 MPH or 20 KM per hour, this hoverboard is fast, but it is also safe. The 8.5 inch racing wheels are made to be fast, but coupled with its steady design it is also easy to use.

While the F1 Gyroor is fast, it is also safe. This hoverboard is UL2272 certified. Your speed can be adjusted so that even a newer rider can enjoy this hoverboard and its self-balancing technology makes it easier to control.

The F1 Gyroor also has a smartphone app with a bunch of fun features. You can control the music on your bluetooth speaker, change your speed, change LED colored lights and manage your anti-theft alarm. Which is a handy feature since this smart board is bound to get lots of attention.

4. Magic Hover G F1

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (4)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12 MPHWater and dust resistant, durableNot suitable for a younger child

The Magic Hover G F1 is yet another hoverboard inspired by the popular Formula 1 racing sport. This model of self-balancing scooter can also reach speeds of 12 MPH or 20 KPH, which may not sound like a lot, but will certainly give its riders a thrill. While this type of power would certainly be thrilling for an adult or older teen, this hoverboard is not the right fit for a younger child.

Along with its top speeds, the Magic Hover also offers great durability. Its 8.5 inch wheels offer a smooth and steady ride. These tires coupled with this model’s dual 350 watt motors means you can climb up to a 30 degree incline without any problems.

This model also boasts IP54 water and dust resistance so if you are taking the road less traveled your hoverboard can handle the trip.

The Magic Hover G F1 may boast a higher price tag, but it also has the speed, power and durability to back it up. To top it all off it even has a handle for portability.

5. TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Off Road Hoverboard

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (5)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12 MPH8.5 inch wheels with deep treads designed for off-roading.Hard to find any cons for this one.

The TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Off Road Hoverboard packs a lot of power and speed for the price. Unlike many of the other hoverboards on this list, the V2 Eagle is designed for off road use with two large 8.5 inch wheels packed with deep treads to conquer any challenging terrain.

The V2 Eagle also boasts dual 350 watt electric motors to give it the power to conquer unique off road terrains while still battling it out for the top speed position. This newer model to the block is still neck in neck for the title of fastest hoverboard on the market. It is right up there with the big boys able to reach speeds of 12 MPH or 20 KPH.

Another huge accomplishment for the TOMOLOO V2 Eagle is its battery power. This hoverboard is able to travel up to 12 miles with a single charge. A feat usually reserved for its much more expensive competitors.

While bluetooth speakers may not be a necessary feature for all hoverboards, it seems to make more sense in the off-road models. After all, if you are on the road less traveled, it seems more reasonable to take along some tunes for company. The V2 Eagle features 4.1 stereo surround bluetooth speaker.

In addition to all the on-board features, the V2 Eagle also boasts an impressive smartphone app. Not only does the app allow its user to change the headlights on the hoverboard, it supports up to 16 million different headlight colors. It also offers GPS support, battery life and first-learner mode.

6. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (6)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12 MPHSentryShield multi-layered battery protection. 10 inch deep tread tires for off roading.2-3 hour charge time.

The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6, also known simply as the Swagtron Swagboard is a great off roading option that combines speed and durability to take on any terrain. This hoverboard design features 10 inch inflatable rubber tires with deep tread. The inflatable tires are mounted on aluminum rims and are designed to absorb the shock from all kinds of terrain. From sand, gravel, snow, mud, grass and anything in between; these tires are made to take a beating and keep on trekking. Like many of the other hoverboards on this list, the Swagtron Swagboard can handle inclines or bumps up to 30 degrees.

To help you stay safe along your travels, the Swagtron Swagboard comes equipped with non-slip footpads, built in LED lights to offer 6.5 feet of lighting in low light conditions, and SentryShield multi-layered battery protection. The technology is unique to Swagtron and uses aluminum casing to make its battery fire proof and damage proof.

Of course, the Swagtron Swagboard does not disappoint when it comes to power. Its dual 350 watt electric motors offer a maximum speed of up to 12 MPH or 20 KM per hour. It also boasts an impressive weight capacity at up to 380 lbs. The Swagtron Swagboard can travel up to 11 miles on a single charge.

Like many of the other hoverboards on this list, the Swagtron Swagboard also has a smartphone app that lets the user connect to the bluetooth speakers, monitor battery use and total mileage. Unlike many other models on this list, the Swagtron Swagboard also has a handle for easy carrying when you don’t feel like riding or the battery runs out.

7. Halo Rover Off-Road Hoverboard

The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (7)
TOP SpeedProsCons
12 MPHVoted the Best Hoverboard in 2019Hard to find a con for this model.

While a little further down on the list, the Halo Rover Off-Road Hoverboard is certainly not a model to be missed. Voted the Best Hoverboard in 2019, this self-balancing scooter combines safety and stability.

This versatile hoverboard has a minimum weight of 45 lbs and a maximum weight of 260 lbs. Combined with its three different riding modes, it truly is a hoverboard the whole family can use and enjoy.

Users of the Halo Rover can have their mind’s put at ease with the large list of safety features. Engineered by Halo Board, this United States manufacturer has a reputation for quality and safety. The Halo Rover has an UL-2272 safety certification so they know it has been thoroughly tested against any possible overheating.

While the hoverboard has high safety ratings, it also packs a lot of power. Just like many almost all of the hoverboards on our list, the Halo Rover can reach maximum speeds of 12 MPH or 20 KM per hour.

One of the features that sets the Halo Rover apart is its attention to detail. This hoverboard has many built in sensors to adjust to many different terrains while keeping the ride as smooth as possible. The 8.8 inch wheels offer stability and balance while the aluminum frame maximizes your support.

While many hoverboards on the market are vulnerable to water, the Halo Rover boasts an IPX4 rating compliance, making it possible to operate in the rain or snow. It offers LED lights on both the front and the rear of the unit making it easy to operate in low light conditions. The available smartphone app offers GPS support as well as battery life so you are never caught off guard. The app allows you to monitor speed, distance and connect to the built-in bluetooth speaker.

Find the Model that is Right for You

No matter what model hoverboard is the current fastest model, the most important features found in a hoverboard are the features that are important to you. Consider the safety features, durability and the age and weight of the user. Will you use your hoverboard for off-roading? Do you want a model with a smartphone app? While speed is a great feature to enjoy, it is not the only feature to consider. What is your favourite hoverboard on our list? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments!

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The Top 7 Fastest Hoverboards in the World - (2024)


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