Trump criticizes 'bulls**t' Biden immigration order in Las Vegas heat (2024)

Former PresidentDonald Trumpdescribed President Joe Biden's actions on the border as 'bulls**t' as his supporters cheered in the blistering heat at a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday.

'Last week, Crooked Joe signed an executive order that is pro invasion, pro child trafficking, pro woman trafficking, pro human trafficking ... it's a pro-drug dealer bill It's weak, it's ineffective, it's bulls**t what he signed,' Trump said after taking the stage.

His supporters cheered and repeatedly shouted chanted 'bulls**t!' They made a similar chat when right-wing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke in the warm up for the ex-president as well.

Trump's focus on the border and immigration took up a large portion off the top of his speech as he visited the state.

He called it the worst border 'in the history of the world' and went into graphic descriptions as he accused some immigrants in the country illegally of heinous crimes.

Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives onstage to speak during a campaign rally at Sunset Park

Trump's visit took place while the southwest is currently facing a blistering heatwave, but Trump's campaign said it was taking precautions as thousands showed up despite the extreme weather.

Temperatures were upwards of 90 degrees as lines gathered. The forecast for the day had temperatures upward of 100 degrees.

Trump commented on the heat during the rally.

'By the way it's 110 but it doesn't feel like it to me right?' he said. 'So we'll stay out here for a little while ... If anybody goes down, if you start going down, we have people that will pick you up right away,' he said.

He also joked he can't lose anyone due to the heat because 'I just want your vote.’

While Trump was received by a packed crowd as the hour wore on, some of his ardent supporters headed for the exit and relief from the intense sun.

An American flag flown upside down on a truck parked for Trump's rally. Flying an upside flag was done as a sign of extreme distress but has become a pro-Trump protest move as he denies the 2020 election results

Trump claimed winning Nevada would mean winning the entire election at his rally on Sunday. Even if he does win Nevada, the state alone is not enough to win him the Electoral College. The ex-president who lost the state by less than 34,000 votes in 2020 would also have to flip several other battleground state to have a victory in November

Trump previewed a special policy change, promising if he was elected president, he would update the tax system to favor service workers. He made the announcement notably in a city where hundreds of thousands of people work in the hospitality industry.

'For those hotel workers and people that get tips you are going to be very happy, because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips,' he said as the audience cheered.

It was Trump's first visit to the state since he was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records to hide the hush money payment to p*rn star Stormy Danielsahead of the 2016 election.

But those who actually showed for the event rejected the guilty verdict and argued it would actually benefit Trump.

Trump campaign volunteers handing out water in Sunset Park ahead of the ex-president's remarks

A Trump supporter holding an umbrella as she waits for the ex-president to speak as temperatures approached 100 degrees in Las Vegas

Trump was welcomed by a packed crowd at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. As he spoke for about an hour the crowd thinned some as supporters watched under intense sun

Trump spent a good portion of his remarks focused on the border. He also went after Biden calling him 'incompetent' and slamming the use of teleprompters. At one point the crowd started singing happy birthday as Trump turns 78 on June 14

'I think it's great because it's a boost for him. Everybody sees through their BS,' said Dianne Blair, a 68-year-old retiree and Trump supporter from Henderson just outside Las Vegas.

'I rock with him 10 times harder than before,' said Zach Hammond, 30, of Las Vegas.

The event was part of the GOP presidential hopeful's swing through the west over three days that included a campaign stop in Arizona, fundraising events in Californiaand a rally in the battleground state.

The Trump campaign told it raised approximately $33 million over the weekend.

Nevada is one of the biggest battlegrounds of the 2024 presidential election. Biden won it in 2020 by less than 34,000 votes. But the pandemic and persistent inflation have taken a toll.

A man displays a "Trump" tattoo during a campaign rally for former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

US Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Republican of Georgia, speaks during a campaign rally for former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

The Nevada Senate race in the 2022 midterms was one of the tightest in the country and Nevadans elected a Republican governor that year.

A series of recent polls out of the Silver State have Trump leading. The Fox News poll from early June has Trump up by five points at 45 percent compared to Biden's 40 percent among registered voters.

Trump's visit comes as he is looking to woo minority voters including Latinos away from Biden.

On Sunday, his campaign announced the launch of 'Latino Americans for Trump.' The campaign called it a coalition of notable Latinos from communities across the country.

A woman wears pins celebrating the USA as she waits for Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump to speak during an election rally

People gather for an election rally for Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump

Sylvia Ruiz, who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 made the five hour drive from Fresno, CA to Las Vegas for her first Trump rally.

'He sacrificed a lot for us,' Ruiz said, noting Trump's legal troubles.

Ahead of Trump's visit to the state the Democratic National Committee put up billboards in English and Spanish focused the ex-president's economic record.

'As Donald Trump returns to Nevada this weekend for the first time as a convicted felon, voters will remember this crook left Nevada’s workers out to dry as president,' DNC spokesperson Stephanie Justice said in a statement.

She accused him of implementing a 'tax scam' that benefitted the ultra-wealthy and corporations.

'Now, he’s promising tax handouts to his billionaire donors instead of putting the interests of working Nevadans first. Nevada voters know that Trump is too corrupt and unfit to serve, and will reject him again in 2024,' she went on.

Trump criticizes 'bulls**t' Biden immigration order in Las Vegas heat (2024)


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