Whatever Happened To The Price Is Right’s Dian Parkinson?  (2024)

by Jennifer Borama

Audiences of the American game show The Price Is Right will easily recognize Dian Parkinson from her time as a model on the show. For those unfamiliar with the name and face, Parkinson was one of the longest-serving models on the show. She appeared on The Price Is Right for 18 years, from 1975 to 1993. Parkinson was a model and former Miss USA.

Parkinson was born Dianna Lynn Batts in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on November 30, 1944. Parkinson’s last appearance on television was as a guest in the adult animated comedy late-night show Space Ghost Coast to Coast in 1994. Here is everything you need to know about The Price Is Right’s Dian Parkinson and what she has been up to away from the spotlight.

Dian Parkinson’s Early Life

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As a young child, Dian Parkinson always knew she would be a successful star growing up. Parkinson was born and raised in a very religious family. When she chose a career as a professional model, it was the last thing her parents wanted to hear. However, Parkinson wouldn’t let her passion for modeling fade away.

She managed to chase the drama, participated in local modeling shows and pageants, and became Miss USA. She represented the USA in the Miss World contest, finally coming in second at the pageant. Not much is known about her parents’ names or siblings, as the model has managed to conceal information about herself quite well despite being in the limelight for a long time.

Dian Parkinson’s Early Career

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Growing up in a family where modeling was prohibited needed extreme determination and stubbornness, which, fortunately, Parkinson had. Her strong will and never-ending determination eventually set her on the path to becoming one of the leading ladies in the Miss World contest. Parkinson’s journey toward being one of the most successful models of her time began as Miss District of Columbia in 1965. Parkinson decided to give the competition a shot and ended up winning it.

Seeing that she had won the competition, she signed up for Miss USA that same year and placed fourth. Needless to say, 1965 was one of the most successful years for the model. Parkinson’s strict work ethic eventually landed her a spot on the show USO with legendary performer Bob Hope. Hard work always pays off, which was evident when the model was chosen as the Bob Hope Desert Classic 1965 golf tournament queen.

Parkinson also graced the cover of Playboy Magazine twice, in the December 1991 and May 1993 issue. In 1993, the model was featured exclusively in a ‘Newsstand Edition’ of the magazine, and in that same year, the video Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: Dian Parkinson was also released. Still, in 1993, Parkinson was the official spokesperson for the EZ Krunch, a home exercise equipment.

Dian Parkinson On The Price Is Right

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The Price Is Right was the show that gave Dian Parkinson the recognition she deserved and raised her status in Hollywood. When Parkinson joined the cast of The Price Is Right, she was only meant to be a temporary replacement for Anita Ford. Parkinson appeared on the show for three episodes, but her charm caught the attention of the audience and production crew. She was upgraded to a main cast afterward. After her substitution contract expired, she fully returned to the show in August 1975 and became a household name for nearly 18 years.

In 1975, Parkinson guest-starred in the Tyler Moore Show. Three years later, Parkinson made a cameo on the pilot of the TV show Vegas. Parkinson’s time on The Price Is Right falls second as the longest time after Janice Pennington, with Pennington being on the show for more than 28 years. Parkinson earned the name ‘The Bikini-Clad Vixen’ while on the show due to her outfits.

Dian Parkinson’s Scandals And Controversies

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In 1993, Bob Barker, host of The Price Is Right, announced that Parkinson would be leaving the show in pursuit of other career avenues. The following year, Parkinson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the Los Angeles superior court against Barker. In the lawsuit, Parkinson claimed that Barker had forced her into a three-year-long sexual affair which saw her experience tremendous pain and eventually led to a miscarriage.

She contended that Barker used the incident to get her to cooperate or else face termination from her job. Barker denied the allegations citing that the two had sexual relations, but consent was involved. The lawsuit was dropped in 1995, with Parkinson stating that it proved to be too costly and took a heavy toll on her mental health.

What Has Dian Parkinson Been Up To?

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Seeing as Parkinson has long been a very private person, not much is known of her endeavors after her exit from the show The Price Is Right. The last major news about her was when she put up her $3 million residence in Westlake Village, California, for sale in November 2019.

For what’s worth? Parkinson made a tough decision walking away from all the fame and glory of the modeling and entertainment world. Although there have been several reported statements about her death, there has been no official confirmation. Dian Parkinson is still alive and keeps away from the public eye.Playboy MagazinePlayboy Magazine

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Whatever Happened To The Price Is Right’s Dian Parkinson?  (2024)


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